Step back in time…

… to Victorian Pimlico

Nathaniel Bryceson, a 19 year-old wharf clerk in Pimlico, wrote his diary in the year 1846. Brimming with fascinating details of his working life and of his relationship with his mistress Ann Fox, the journal is a truly personal take on the life of a young Victorian man as he embarks upon adulthood.

The diary existed only in manuscript until 2010, when it was serialised on the Westminster City Council website. To celebrate the 170th anniversary of the diary, this blog is another chance to read of the experiences and innermost thoughts of a remarkable young diarist and gain a rare insight into London life in the early Victorian era.

Each entry will be published on the appropriate day in 2016 – with the first appearing on New Year’s Day. We will also be posting weekly podcasts of the diary entries, read aloud by an Archives volunteer. Subscribe to the blog to receive updates as they appear.