Friday 2nd January 1846

“Mr George Lea, accompanied by Mrs Lea and Mr Lloyd, started for Barnet this morning. Tasted of three different puddings this evening from Ann Fox. Took walk with ditto through Westminster Abbey. William Filkins, wagon carman, completes his 21st year.”

3 thoughts on “Friday 2nd January 1846

  1. Three puddings Nathaniel?
    I can’t see a William Filkins in the 1851 census – odd since we know his birth year is 1825 and the name is not common. There is a Wm Filkins in 1841, aged 15, living in Whitefriars with parents William (a coal porter) and Eliza and siblings – this may be him.


  2. Good to see Nathaniel’s diary being published again. I discovered it on the Westminster site a couple of years ago and also the intensive debates on RootsChat. My maternal grandmother came from the Lea family and I have a scrapbook from that era of newspaper clippings, some relating to the Lea’s and one relating to Nathaniel.

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  3. I remember you from the RootsChat threads claystories. 🙂
    For anyone following these comments, the article in question is well worth reading as it is an interview with Nathaniel as an old man. It has been published online and can be read here: I would personally leave this until after reading the diary as it is a nice summary of Nathaniel’s life and reflects on his life and some things he speaks about in the diary.


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