Sunday 4th January 1846

“Morning, went to Tillman’s Coffee House, Tottenham Court Road, to read newspaper. From there to the Old Bailey to see preparations for the execution of Martha Browning tomorrow. After dinner took walk with Ann Fox across Westminster Bridge to Horsemonger Lane County Gaol, to see if any preparations were being made for the execution of Samuel Quennell tomorrow, but such was not the case. Returned back over Westminster Bridge, through St James’s Park, and continued walk through the Green and Hyde Parks. There rested ourselves on an old seat opposite one of the gates. Returned home through Oxford Street. Granny Shepard bought me a pair of worsted stockings for 1s 2d. Ann gave me a shilling off what she owes Granny, leaving only 8d unpaid.”

6 thoughts on “Sunday 4th January 1846

  1. Seeking out preparations for executions sounds like a fun way to spend a Sunday. Martha Browning was convicted of murder on the 15 of December 1845. Details from the Old Bailey Online:
    Similarly, Samuel Quennell:

    According to the website “measuring worth” the value of a commodity worth £1 2p in 1846 equates to £87.18 today. Either that conversion is not very accurate, or Granny Shepard bought him a very expensive pair of socks.


      • Er, oops.
        £1 2d = one pound and two pence. I mistakenly wrote £1 2p which also equals one pound and two pence, so, same thing really.
        Unfortunately after posting any comments on this blog there is no facility to amend what you have written or correct any errors and typos.
        Your interpretation of £5.05 sounds a lot more realistic – as you know from looking at the measuring worth website, there are many variables to be taken into account when comparing the cost of products then and now.


      • Re Nathaniel’s stockings:
        It is probably worth noting that the cost of £1 2d for the stockings is substantial considering Nathaniel’s weekly wage has just been increased to 20 shillings a week!


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