Wednesday 28th January 1846

“Mr G Lea experienced a severe loss, the particulars of which are as follows.  Mr Lloyd called upon Robert Wright for his account amounting to 53 pounds odd, which he counted in silver.  When Mr Lloyd got home he found he had 10 pounds short which, supposing he left at Wrights, wrote to him about it, but Wright denied it and swore to it that he paid the full amount and was, or pretended to be, much offended.
—  ‘Remarks’: this seems to me a strange affair that Mr Lloyd should miscount to so large an amount as 10 pounds.  Had it been … might have been some excuse, but as it is as bad luck.  George Lea will be ruined by his love of company. —
The English public were … apprised of the defeat of the Sikhs in India with the loss of 65 pieces of artillery at … .  The battle was fought under the command of Major General Sir Harry … .”

[Editor’s note:  The English commander was probably Sir Harry Smith (1787-1860).  The battles took place on 18-22 December 1845, but communication of the news to England was slow.]

[Editor’s note: No entry on 29 January.]

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