Sunday 31st May 1846

“Rose at 6 o’clock and breakfasted. Afterwards went to Globe Coffee House, corner of Worship Street and Square, kept by a Mr Stacey, and read some news of the week. From thence to King’s Head Court Chapel to see Mrs Skirriker. Met her on Cumberland Street. She differed a little in dress since I last saw her by wearing a shawl instead of a cloak and a white bonnet instead of a black one. Waited half an hour after service to see her, but she did not come out, so I made best of my way homeward. Afternoon went with intention of going to Paddington Street Burial Ground, but could get no admittance, so went in Old Marylebone instead. Went home to tea and stopped the evening till 8 o’clock. — Had Ann up in own room, but there got to naughty tricks on the bed. — After which took walk with Ann round about Hyde Park and returned home by Piccadilly.  Had some cider and biscuits corner of Great Marlborough Street and Poland Street.

The weather this month has been very beautiful, especially the latter part, which has been a continuance of fine weather without any intermediate rain for the last three weeks.

Nearly all this month my mother has been confined to her bed with acute pains in the back, which, with a wound in her breast, renders her helpless, and at present there is no sign of her mending.

Coals sold at Eccleston Wharf: 1353 tons.”

Friday 29th May 1846

“Made a sad mistake by loading wagon from East Hettons instead of Hettons. — Saw Mr William Lloyd, brother to Thomas, collecting coals at Wharf. — Restoration of Charles II – Chelsea pensioners each wore an oak apple in their caps in commemoration thereof.”

Wednesday 27th May 1846

“Grand Derby day at Epsom. Saw plenty of company returning therefrom down Grosvenor Place, which was each side thronged with spectators shouting out and hurrahing, which immediately fronting St George’s Hospital I thought improper. Mr George Lea absent all day, no doubt at the races, though much more quietly done than last year. Winning horse ‘Pyrrhus the First’ the property of Mr Gully, formerly a celebrated pugilist in the prize ring.”

[Editor’s note: The trainer of the ‘Pyrrhus the First’ was John Day, who was later accused of malpractice in the 1868 Derby by Admiral Rous.  The winning jockey was Sam Day, the great-great uncle of Lester Piggott.
No diary entry on 28 May]

Tuesday 26th May 1846

” — Received a letter from Mr Ballingall relating to the present illness of my mother in which he hits me very hard, calling me an undutiful son with a heart harder than stone in which he is perhaps not far out, and begs me to immediately relieve her and my father-in-law. I can only answer that it is next to impossible to exchange a law of nature. When a child is born into the world it partakes of those passions, grows with its growth and strengthens with its strength. In me were born the passions of selfishness and viciousness which cannot suddenly be changed but by a great power above. — “

Monday 25th May 1846

“Paid rent today for first time. Richard Latham is clerk in private office as successor to Edward Heskett. Her Majesty Queen Victoria safely delivered of a princess at five minutes before 3 o’clock this afternoon at Buckingham Palace. Her Majesty is since doing well.”

[Editor’s note:  The birth recorded here was that of Princess Helena]

Sunday 24th May 1846

“Rose between 6 and 7 and after putting room little straight and having breakfast, went to St Luke Middlesex. Went round to Shoreditch to see Mrs Skirriker, but was too late. Dinner cold beef and lettuce and salad. Took walk in afternoon alone to St Pancras Churchyard and there took down few epitaphs. Spent evening with Ann at her lodging in Stephen Street and accompanied her to Dorset Place, Dorset Square, on an errand. Had pint cider and biscuits in High Street, Marylebone, and returned home. Queen Victoria completes her 27th year this day. Thomas Paver, Wright’s carman, also completes his 27th year today being born same day as the Queen, May 24th 1819.”