Saturday 21st November 1846

“Westminster Bridge – workmen were employed in levelling the parapets on either side of the bridge with the footway, preparatory to wooden palings being erected in lieu of the former balustrades. Soon as the work is finished, the bridge will be open again for the use of vehicles, and in that condition will remain until the new bridge is completed. Received intelligence from Granny Shepard of the death of Mrs Wilcocks, aged about 40, wife of Mr Thomas Wilcocks, pork butcher, Tottenham Court Road, corner of Chapel …, who died this morning early after about two months illness, and whose body yet remaineth uninterred. The Princess Royal, first daughter of the present Queen Victoria, completeth her 6th year.”

[Editor’s note: The Princess Royal was Victoria (1840-1901), later wife of Friedrich III of Prussia and mother of Kaiser Wilhelm II.]

Friday 6th November 1846

“Whilst mending a pen this morning, the knife slipped and gave me a very nasty cut on the middle finger. I hastened to the chemist and bought a pennyworth sticking plaster.  In evening strolled into Richmond’s Auction Rooms, Rathbone Place. Moore the toyman’s house in a very dangerous condition propped up with deals, the inhabitants being obliged to make a hasty quittal, the foundations having gave way and the front wall bulging forward, which, but for the support offered to it, would in all probability before this time have been level with the ground.”

Wednesday 4th November 1846

“This morning between 4 and 5 o’clock the Garrick Theatre, Leman Street, Goodmans Fields, was discovered to be on fire. By 9 o’clock the fireman succeeded in getting the flames totally extinguished – supposed to originate from some of the gun wadding lodging in the flats during the firing the cannon at the Battle of Waterloo acted the previous evening.”

Saturday 31st October 1846

“Had the unpleasant job to discharge James Hollingsworth from his employment as screener through repeatedly absenting himself.  But he saw and promised the master better attendance in future upon which a reconciliation was effected and he was permited to resume his employment.

The front of Buckingham Palace presents a different appearance from the commencement of the month [?] being encircled with boarding which extends round the front rails as far distant as the semi-circular pathway. The palace is to be enlarged which from the continued cart loads of rubble taken away and the cart loads of bricks taken in appears that the alterations to be undertaken will be very extensive.

The exterior and interior of St James’s Church Piccadilly is now undergoing a thorough repair and beautifying the windows of which are nearly half fresh glazed, which suffered extensively from the effects of the late storm.  The foundation of the new Rectory house on the same site as the old one is just commenced.

The gallery or bridge in Richmond Mews, Richmond Buildings, back of our house which … Pianoforte maker to the premises opposite has been roofed over with glass.

The weather this month has shown appearance of the approaching winter with … fogs which last 10 days has been very prevalent.”