Sunday 11th January 1846

“Morning, wore knee breeches for first time. A terrible bother we had to get them on and make them meet at the knee and button. Started for St John Southwark fully equipped (costume, beginning uppermost: high-crowned broad-brimmed hat, black frock coat, strait-collared waistcoat with brass buttons, drab breeches with covered buttons and silver buckles at knees, speckled worsted stockings, shoes with straps and buckles to the same, white neckhandkerchief with plain fronted shirt); but found that I had been to the church about three weeks previous, viz St John Horslydown. Returned home through the City, Clare Market etc, rather quizzed by some but minded it not. Afternoon, bullock’s heart for dinner, after which I took walk with Ann Fox to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens etc, returned home to tea about half past 6 o’clock. Eliza, otherwise Ann Thomas, came to Richmonds Buildings for a short time after which I accompanied her to an acquaintance at 101 Chancery Lane. There was I kept waiting half an hour after which I accompanied her to her home, 22 St James’s Street. Pretty good sweating, walked in all about 22 miles.  Met Mr Perry, father of the now celebrated John, in Newport Market.

— Paid into bank 20s, making total £15.– “