Sunday 4th October 1846

“Breakfasted and afterwards went to coffee shop near the Royal Exchange, a turning out of Cornhill, from thence to church, St Mary Abchurch, (I have noticed of late that all plugs are up in the City to keep the streets cleansed and to keep away the cholera (if possible) which is now prevalent in some parts of Europe and which it is feared will ultimately pay a visit to England, but it seems confined to the City, not having noticed any thing of the kind in the suburban districts). Stopped at home all afternoon taking black Dutch clock to pieces and oiling it, hoped to have it in going order by dark but was deceived, it being a more tedious task that I calculated upon. — Had Ann up in the evening as usual. — Took walk in evening with Ann to see Providence and Episcopal Chapel, Grays Inn Lane, and returned by 9 o’clock.”