Monday 25th May 1846

“Paid rent today for first time. Richard Latham is clerk in private office as successor to Edward Heskett. Her Majesty Queen Victoria safely delivered of a princess at five minutes before 3 o’clock this afternoon at Buckingham Palace. Her Majesty is since doing well.”

[Editor’s note:  The birth recorded here was that of Princess Helena]

Saturday 23rd May 1846

“Edward Heskett discharged from his situation as assistant clerk at Eccleston Wharf with week’s wages in advance. Took dose of castor oil for first time in my life. James Burton taken on as apprentice to lighterman, this being his first week. The said James is son of Ben Burton that brings the craft from the lock to the several merchants.”

Monday 26th January 1846

” — Fellow clerk, Edward Heskett, absented himself this day as also last Monday.  This is coming the old solider strong, but it will not last. —
Settling night for the stakes (for the late fight between Perry, a black, and a man named Burton, wherein the black was victorious) at Johnny Broome’s, Rising Sun, Air Street, Piccadilly. Self caught sight of the black on the stairs taking money.  Purchased book in Princes Street, Soho, opposite George Yard, on Human Longevity with a brief account of some persons who have lived a century afterwards from AD 66 to 1799.  Price 1s 10d.”

[Editor’s note:  Perry, the black boxer mentioned, was born in Annapolis, Nova Scotia, in about 1820. His fight against Burton, which took place on Erith Marshes on 21 January, was reported in ‘Bell’s Life in London and Sporting Times’. John Broome was an ex-boxer.]

Saturday 3rd January 1846

“Saw in Chelsea ‘Leg of Beef Soup 2d per Bason’, so had a bason for dinner, which make-believe bason was nothing more than a large saucer on a high stand, with a broad thick bottom with pieces of meat like so much twine. ‘Remarks’: no more Chelsea soup. Edward Heskett, fellow clerk, made me present of a very nice mince pie. A maidservant of all work, Catherine Bird, left her situation at the wharf this evening. Left off old black trousers, otherwise they would soon left me off. Old Matthew Ward, father to the present Matthew Ward, if had lived would have completed his 96th year this day.”