Tuesday 8th September 1846

“Gas fitters finished their job.  Gas fitted in my office and stable and lit for the first time and showeth a brilliant light.”

[Editor’s note: No entries on 9 and 10 September]


Monday 7th September 1846

“Gas fitters at Wharf all day laying pipes and conveying the same into the lamps.  Pipe conveyed into own office, but fittings not fixed. Lamps lit first time.”

Friday 4th September 1846

“Pipes laid down at Eccleston Wharf for gas to communicate with bench, Wharf Clerk’s office, and stable. Weather cock removed from bench. After tea took walk — with Ann Fox — over old Westminster Bridge, which at the present time is being pulled down. No thoroughfare for carriages, and the foot way is along the centre of the bridge, boarded on each side. Most of the buttresses and the semi-octangular towers removed, with their round lamps, and fixed to the boards temporarily on each side. The road is strewed with the old stone work which is carefully piled, most of the arches are stopped, navigation being only through the centre ones. We shall now soon quite lose sight of this old structure, for which I am sorry, it being the oldest fashioned built stone bridge on the Thames.”