Tuesday 6th October 1846  

“Bought very nice book, ‘The Memoirs of George III’, at Miscellaneous Repository, Princes Street, Soho. Suicide of the Swiss Giantess this evening for particulars see next day. I knew deceased well by sight and spoke to her once in Leicester Square the 18th September last concerning a fire that then illuminated the skies and which was the last time I saw her. She was biggest woman I ever saw, standing about 6 feet 3 inches in height and proportionally fuller.”

Thursday 20th August 1846

“Old Walker, proprietor of the hotel, 33 Dean Street, Soho, corner of Queen Street, has had his house lately pointed down and painted, and has this day had a square lamp fixed, lit with gas, which till now has been a round one with tin top and lit with oil, and which was no doubt the original one put up when the house was built, which is about 160 years. This is an alteration which I am both surprised and displeased at as the house preserved its ancient look so like hotel and tavern of the 17th century. The proprietor thereof is very old both in years and fashion, wearing at all times a black suit with breeches and black stockings, and as I have heard saw Margaret Nicholson attempt to stab George III.”

Friday 5th June 1846

“Self (Nathaniel Bryceson) complete my 20th year today. The King of Hanover, fifth son of George III, completes his 75th year. Uncle John Shepard bad with his back, an old complaint but which he has been free from some years, but is now confined to his bed, and which he supposes proceeds from his bathing for the first time last Monday. Therefore poor Granny Shepard has her son and daughter laid up. Gave Shepard a shilling to drink my health, this being my twentieth birthday.”

Wednesday 3rd June 1846

“Saw old Mr Walker of Dean Street for first time – a very old man and dresses very old fashion.  He was present when Margaret Nicholson attempted to stab George III.  Bad works these holidays – men nearly all absent.  Odd men in, very drunk and very saucy – one named Whiffin, in answer to a question, told me to ‘Ax his ass’.”

[Editor’s note:  Margaret Nicholson, a housemaid, attacked George III with a dessert knife in 1786, and having been found insane was committed to Bedlam Hospital.]

Saturday 25th April 1846

“Mary Duchess of Gloucester, daughter of George III, this day completes her 70th year. Diabolical murder and apprehension of the assassin. This evening, about 20 minutes to 9 o’clock, a murder was committed by a youth aged 16 by name John Graham on the body of Thomas Blewitt aged 36 by shooting him with a pistol in the open street by Morgan’s Cook Shop in Drury Lane, near Princes Street. The bullet entered his right breast and came out through the shoulder bone. No motive is yet known for the act.”

Tuesday 24th February 1846

“Died this morning at 9 Richmonds Buildings, James, son of William and Caroline Marshall of the second floor back after a short illness, aged one and a half years. Bought antique Pocket Bible at bookseller, corner of Princes and Richmond Street, Soho, date 1648.  Adolphus Frederick, Duke of Cambridge, youngest son to the late George III, completed his 72nd year. Had pancake for supper.”