Friday 23rd October 1846

“Bought black Dutch clock from the Doctor’s in Goodge Street and fixed it in room. The remains of Mr Ternan (who died see 17th instant) were deposited in the churchyard of Christ Church, Blackfriars, followed by his two brothers and a few private professional friends.”

Friday 17th April 1846

“Business of the day over early, left Wharf before 7 o’clock (unusually early).  Called on Ann at Mrs Kennington’s.  She was laid up last Monday owing to the fatigue of the previous day’s walk.  Had tea at the Silver Lion Coffee Shop in Goodge Street, Tottenham Court Road, met with there John Coombs, a former companion of mine whom I have not seen before for the last year past.”

[Editor’s note: No entry on 18 April]


Thursday 2nd April 1846

“The new church lately erected in Chester Square, Pimlico, and named St Michael’s was this day (Thursday) consecrated by the Bishop of London.

Purchased an old print in Westminster, ‘The Portrait of John Milton the Poet at the age of 21 years’ in dark frame glazed. Took pair of heavy boots to Discombe to be sewn, the sole half coming from the uppers. He has took a small shop in Goodge Street, near John Street.  Had tea at Butler’s Coffee Shop, Tottenham Court Road.”