Monday 31st August 1846

“The new bridge crossing the Grosvenor Basin, Pimlico, called Elizabeth Bridge is this month been cemented over to imitate stone similar to Eccleston Bridge.

The old bridge of Westminster has been long talked of being pulled down, but it seems now to be earnestly intended, as the roadway has been blocked up nearly all this month.  It is intended to build a new bridge near the old one, so we may expect to soon lose the sight of Westminster Bridge, about the oldest on the Thames, with its canopy towers with seats therein and old round lamps over and its old stone balustrades, which I dare say will not be seen in the new bridge.  The present bridge was finished November 10th 1750 and opened the 17th.

The weather this month has been beautiful and fine, dry and warm, but yet without the intense heat of the last month – it has been about the finest month this year.”

[Editor’s note: No entries on 1, 2 or 3 September]

Thursday 19th February 1846

“A rather unusual occurrence happened this afternoon. I was sent to the bankers in Stratford Place, Oxford Street, a circumstance that has not happened before for many months, and would not now had it not been a case of emergency, and no one at home besides myself. Returning I got my tea at coffee shop in Wilton Road, Grosvenor Basin, Pimlico, opposite the ‘Windsor Castle’ public house, and when I got back Mr Charles Lea was there on a visit to his brother.”

[Editor’s note: No entry on 20 February]