Thursday 16th July 1846

“Met George Walker, a very old acquaintance of mine whom I have known about 16 years and whom I have not seen for above two years, since which he has grown amazingly tall. He was standing under archway of the Wharf, when I was coming out of the rain. St John the Evangelist Church, Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, consecrated by the Bishop of London.”

Monday 13th July 1846

“Two barges sunk last night in Basin, ‘The Sovereign’ with Stewarts and ‘Good Intent’ with Eden Main. Supposed to be the neglect of lightermen in not pumping them yesterday last thing. Kettle of tar boiled over in Wharf and made an alarming blaze, which was at length smothered: it might have proved serious had it been set near the stable.”

Tuesday 7th July 1846

“Cats’ meat man came to Wharf first time. Dined at beer shop in Elizabeth Street, Pimlico, first time. Met old Mr William Nodes at Buckingham Palace Gates waiting to see some of the grand folks going to an entertainment in the Palace. Walked homeward with ditto as far as Oxford Street from whence we parted. William Henry Wade completed his 16th year.”

Friday 29th May 1846

“Made a sad mistake by loading wagon from East Hettons instead of Hettons. — Saw Mr William Lloyd, brother to Thomas, collecting coals at Wharf. — Restoration of Charles II – Chelsea pensioners each wore an oak apple in their caps in commemoration thereof.”