Saturday 28th November 1846

“Some person this afternoon threw a basket from Eccleston Bridge with a cat in it, but the cat made its escape by getting out of the basket and swimming across, whilst the coal heavers pushed a light barge off, and took possession of the basket, which was nearly new. Somewhere about this time died Mr Pharoah, landlord of public house north side Little Pulteney Street, and one door from Wardour Street, aged 22 years.”

Saturday 10th January 1846

“Bought pair of gloves at shop, corner of Walkers Court and Little Pulteney Street for 1s.  Bade farewell to old ones by throwing them down the area of the Westminster Female Penitentiary in Meards Street, Soho.  William Osmond, silversmith, of 22 St James Street completed his 31st year this day.”