Monday 30th November 1846

“Had fire lit in my office for first time this season. Saw Peter Poland and Morris junior of Hanway Street this evening.

The weather throughout this month has been remarkably fine and mild (with but very little fog) until the two last days which has been remarkably severe, being quite a dry sharp frost. The commencement of this winter may be dated November 29th.

The Mint, that focus of crime and misery in the Borough of Southwark, it is expected will be shortly demolished. A new street is projected from Blackman Street to Southwark Bridge Road which involves the entire destruction of the above notorious place.

Workmen are engaged laying down the electric telegraph from the nine elms along the footway on the west side of Lambeth Place, Kennington. On Monday last its efficiency was tried nearly opposite Vernon Chapel when it was found in good working order, to that point – the wires are placed in hollow hemp … which are again secured in strong metal tubes which are sunk … .

From this month may be dated the running of omnibuses from P… and from Charing Cross to the Bank for 2d, which until lately was … them), they are now quite plentiful.”

[Editor’s note: No entry on 1 December]
[Editor’s note: The location of the Mint in Southwark is still commemorated by Mint Street off Marshalsea Road.]

Whit Monday 1st June 1846

“A very slack day owing to the Whitsuntide holidays. Coals sold only 24 tons. Met James Smith’s wife and son in St Martin’s Lane, having not seen them for a considerable time since. Surprising news from Granny Shepard this evening that her son John Shepard, who is my uncle, who has nearly completed his 43rd year, bathed today for the first time in his life at the Metropolitan Baths, High Holborn, opposite Southampton Street. Wrote a letter for Charles Waters to Viscount Canning for an order to fish in the ornamental waters of the Regent’s Park. Mr Edwards commenced travelling for orders for Eccleston Wharf – brought us one to begin with, though of very little account being low in price. (He was Morris’s former clerk).”

[Editor’s note: No entry on 2 June]