Thursday 18th June 1846

“A fancy bazaar held in the Royal Gardens of Chelsea Hospital in aid of the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest. Many of the nobility there, tents and booths erected. Brought home new hat from Quick’s of Pimlico, price 10s 6d. Uncle John Shepard continues to get worse, unable to leave his bed.”

[Editor’s note: No entry on 19 June]

Tuesday 16th June 1846

“Ordered a new beaver hat to be made at Quick’s Hat Manufactory, Pimlico.  It is to be a broad-brimmed – height of crown seven and three eighths inches, brim two and five eighths inches.  The new carriage road in front of Chelsea Hospital opened for public traffic for the first time.”

[Editor’s note: No entry on 17 June]