Saturday 7th November 1846

“Went to pay £10 into bank (Sir Claude Scott’s). Rode back to Wharf in the four-wheel chaise with Mr Lloyd, whom I met there – something uncommon, being the first time of riding in a vehicle of Mr G Lea’s. Had some baked mutton, potatoes and pudding when I got home – a very unusual dish with me, especially for the time of day – and afterwards pint tea at coffee shop, Compton Street, Soho. Office dial cleaned and repaired by Moginie, Brewer Street, Pimlico.”

Saturday 12th September 1846

“Mr G Lea closed account with London and Westminster Bank and entered it in Sir Claude Scott’s, Cavendish Square. — But not of his own choice, the London and Westminster not thinking it worth their while, the balance in hand being so small. — “