Monday 30th March 1846

“Bought an old three-cornered beaver cocked hat of James Hollingsworth, screener at Wharf. The maker’s name inside is Lock, hatter, St James’s Street, London. It no doubt formerly belonged to a gentleman, but it is one of the has-beens. Executed this morning at the Old Bailey Thomas Wicks, aged 20 years, for the murder of James Bostock, his master – see back February 16th. At quarter before 10 o’clock this morning the remains of Mr Liston, who died 22nd instant were consigned to the Earth in the cemetery at Kensall Green.”

Monday 16th February 1846

“Terrible murder, 4 Pitts Place, Drury Lane. James Bostock, a working brass finisher, shot by his apprentice aged 20 (Thomas William Wicks) in fit of revenge. Murderer apprehended in the evening in coffee shop.”

[Editor’s note: No entry on 17 February]