Saturday 7th February 1846

“Charles Dutton, screener at Eccleston Wharf, fell overboard. Slipped off the gunnell of the ‘Jim’ barge while hauling in another. Was ducked well over head and ears. — Wages commenced at 20s per week this night henceforth.  Received 20s this night to begin with.  All things going on well at present. — Mr Burn of Stephen Street died this morning aged 72 years less one day.”

Tuesday 6th January 1846

” — This evening, soon after 8 o’clock Mr Lloyd called me in to the private office and there entered into conversation in which he told me that Mr George Lea proposed to advance my wages to 20s per week, he being well satisfied with my conduct. In this course of which he gave me two glasses of port. By my word this is surprising news. — 
Buckled shoes toed and heeled 1s 6d.”