Friday 11th December 1846

“Died this evening at his residence, the Foot Guards Suttling House, Whitehall, Mr Brice McGregor in the 65th year of his age, formerly of the 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards. He was a native of Argyleshire and entered at Glasgow into the 3rd Guards 1799. In 1821 he was discharged, receiving a handsome pension and appointed Keeper of the Foot Guards Suttling House. Afterwards appointed Yeoman of the … at St James’s, which place he held till his death. It is … he has left a … not less than £15,000 … liberal … many in … in … country and London. Snow has made its appearance for first time and continued to fall through the morning accompanied by a very sharp frost. The wife of William Filkins, carman, delivered of her first child since her marriage – a boy – about 11 o’clock am. Purchased an old edition of Herveys Meditation 1750 for 1s in Bozier Court, Tottenham Court Road.”

[Editor’s note: A suttling house provided food and drink to soldiers.]

Saturday 11th April 1846

“William Filkins, carman at Eccleston Wharf, oversleeping himself and lying in bed after 7 o’clock when he ought to been in Marylebone shooting coals, was fetched by the coalheavers in a wheelbarrow tied down and wheeled to Wharf accompanied by the wharfingers, who with dung forks and lanterns formed his bodyguard, the whole presenting a singular scene, and for which procession he had to pay one gallon beer. James Robinson reinstated in his situation as lighterman on promise of better behaviour.”

Friday 2nd January 1846

“Mr George Lea, accompanied by Mrs Lea and Mr Lloyd, started for Barnet this morning. Tasted of three different puddings this evening from Ann Fox. Took walk with ditto through Westminster Abbey. William Filkins, wagon carman, completes his 21st year.”